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SRCCON 2018 Documentation

It’s important to us to keep SRCCON small enough to feel friendly and conversational, but we also care about getting the ideas and conversations that take place at SRCCON into the wider world. The most important way this happens is when attendees return to their newsrooms and put new skills and approaches to work, but we also document SRCCON as extensively as possible. This page collects resources you can refer back to as you bring SRCCON home with you:

Session Transcripts

Our live-captioning team transcribes about half the sessions at SRCCON. Sessions that had stenographers are marked on our full schedule, or you can use the lists below. If you were in a session and you notice something that needs to be fixed, we’d love your pull requests or emails.

Thursday transcribed sessions

9:30amWelcome to SRCCON
10-11:15amManaging the blind spots in community news coverage
10-11:15amNavigating technical communication with journalists
10-11:15amThe Interview: Building a practice of listening and asking questions in our work
11:45am-1pmRadical listening - How do you design a media membership program focused on participation
11:45am-1pmArchiving News Websites for the Long Long Term
11:45am-1pmDon’t Panic: the guide to working without an editor, even if you have one sitting right next to you
2:30-3:45pmKickoff Kit: helping new teams move faster by aligning early
2:30-3:45pmOff the shelf and into the open: forging academia-journalism partnerships to bring findings out of journals and original research into reporting
2:30-3:45pmSick [journalist] theory: real talk about navigating disability in the newsroom
4:30-5:45pmWithout Free or Favor: Compelling readers to pay for news (tote bags not included)
4:30-5:45pmLet's build the data journalism textbook we need, and break academic publishing while we're at it.
4:30-5:45pmToward an ethical framework for engagement

Friday transcribed sessions

10-11:15amTalk Less. Listen More. How Listening Can Help Journalists Begin to Repair Relationships with Marginalized or Ignored Communities
10-11:15amReimagining news nerd career paths
10-11:15amPreparing for security vulnerabilities if you're an open source maintainer *or* user
11:45am-1pmRestoring our reader’s privacy in a time of none
11:45am-1pmLeading News Orgs to Water by Hacking Our Hiring
11:45am-1pmMore security trainers, please!
2:30-3:45pmVisualization as a Civil Right (bring your headphones!)
2:30-3:45pmSure, You're Making Tools. But Do People Use Them?
2:30-3:45pmNew phone, who dis: Building intimate audience relationships without the creep factor.
4:15-5:30pmVisualizing data by hand
4:15-5:30pmAre you running an experiment, or are you just winging it?
4:15-5:30pmWhine & Shine: A support group for nerds, journalists and those who bridge the gap
5:30pmSRCCON Closing

Session Notes & Resources

All sessions at SRCCON have a collaborative etherpad that facilitators and attendees can use to share links and capture notes on discussions as they take place. Each entry on our schedule has a link to that session’s etherpad. We also collect slide decks, worksheets, and other documentation right here—if you’re a facilitator and you have session resources to share, let us know!

Session Write-Ups

In the leadup to SRCCON 2018, we featured a selection of Q&As with session facilitators about the topics they brought to this year’s event. You can find the series on Source.

And each year after SRCCON, we also publish a series of session summaries on Source that dig into the things people learned during conversations and workshops. If you publish your own writeups or blog posts, we’d love to hear about them so we can help you share them with everyone!